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Ecotech System
Ecotech System
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Odour Control System

The Ecotech Odour Control System is an industrial-quality odor control system specifically designed to neutralize odors in in garbage rooms, garbage chutes and garbage compactors.

The system vaporizes a super concentrated solution of Odor Neutralizer into the odorous environment were molecules of this all natural material safely and permanently destroy odors by an absorbing and a biodegrading action. This system does not use a perfume or masking agent, it creates a neutral odor balance.

Our proven design and industrial quality components means no maintenance requirements and ultra-low electrical consumption

Features :

  1. No Perfumes
  2. All Natural Odor Neutralizer safely destroys odors to create a neutral odor balance.

  3. No frequent refill
  4. By vaporizing concentrated material into tiny droplets, the system only needs couple of refill per year.

  5. Low Operating Cost
  6. Runs only one minute per hour. Consumes negligible power.   

  7. Superior Construction
  8. Stainless Steel construction plus proven industrial quality components ensure reliability and durability even in the toughest operating environment.

  9. Safety
  10. No Dangerous Ozone, No Obnoxious Fragrances. Dispenses All Natural Odor Neutralizer which is made from only food or pharmaceutical grade ingredients and has been independently tested for compliance with international guidelines.

  11. Easy To Use
  12. A digital control panel insures full automation and allows simple adjustments, easy to understand.

  13. Low Level Indicator
  14. LED on control panel alerts user to low neutralizer level.

  15. Empty Alarm
  16. The system shuts off and an alarm will sound when the odor neutralizer needs to be replaced.